The Museum of Larimar

The museum of larimar is the second educational entity created by AMBAR NACIONAL – ABASA – of Santo Domingo. The objective of this entity, founded and managed by Jorge Caridad and his wife Arelis de Caridad, is to organize the most important chain of privately operated educational museum in the Dominican Republic. The cornerstone of this network is the world of Amber Museum in Santo Domingo, which opened its doors to the public on September 5 1996.

Employing a simple and accessible design, this new museum displays specimens, data and scientific details concerning larimar, the blue pectolite, the world’s only know deposits of which are located, as chance would have it, in the Dominican Republic.

Its colors – whites, grays, earth tones, rubies, greens, together with a panoply of azure shades (a multi-hued tonal range between sky-blue and sea-blue) – call to mind, symbolize and even reproduce the colors of the beautiful blue planet earth, that we all share as our common habitat.

In order to render a clearer understanding of this lovely, rare and spectacular mineral gem and provide a solid explanation of its mineral structure, the museum of larimar has employed varied contemporary muse graphic techniques to create tactile, visual and technologically-based exhibits.

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