The Mines

The crystallization of the mineral happened when the blue pectolite or larimar was pushed into the "tubes" or "chimneys" of the volcano by the hot gases and the incandescent matter.

For this reason, the localization of the mineral and its subsequent extraction depend on the identification of theses tubes.Hence, its exploitation forces the miner to excavate deeper and deeper into the old vulcano, until today these holes transformed into a true network of tunnel mines.

A travel to the mines of Larimar is an extraordinay experience.

The place appears after a long adventure ride on an off-road vehicle over dirty and stony roads, in a village that brings memories of centuries past long ago.

The wells or holes are all around, look like open craters in the mountain and the miners appear from afar as small busy ants in their tasks.

The daily life and the hardships of the miners are very strenuous and fatiguing and they accomplish their work only with the help of primitive, simple tools that accompany them in their daily chores from dawn to dusk, the whole year round.

These men risk their lives daily trying to bring up the blue stone.An example is Manuel de la Cruz. He was a brave miner who died as the result of a cave-in several years ago.

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