A Dominican Treasure

The marvelous history that this museum presents is of a unique treasure unknown to the world at large. It is buried deep in the high and isolated mountains of the southwest region of the Dominican Republic; Where the tropical climate and exuberant vegetation create one of the loveliest landscapes on the island of Hispaniola.

It is Found within an explosion of gigantic trees, amid arbors of mangos, plantains, papaya, and serenaded by symphonies of orquids and hibiscus.

This “treasure” is exemplified by the beautiful blue pectolite known as Larimar, which is found only in one small and highly restricted area of our country. Up to the represent, this stone has not been found anywhere else in the world. In recent years this gem has come to be regarded as one of the rarest novelties known. The extents of the deposits have not yet been fully determinate. For this reason, the supply could become exhausted at any time.A visit to our exhibition rooms will reveal that this treasure is real enough.

But that fact is the least of it, because the immeasurable value of its intrinsic beauty transcends the material value of its composition. These newly discovered treasures draw us toward a unique understanding. Each fragment that is unearthed from the spots where the miners remove it with their hard manual labor represents a moment in the geological history of our country.

They speak to us of our beginnings; of when –around 100 million years ago – our island was merely a lengthening sliver of solidifying rock emerging from the ocean floor, comprising basic volcanic debris, and disgorging at the extreme western corner of what is today the bahoruco range. We drawn to the colors and properties of this gem whit its origins in the enchanting Caribbean sea, amid scenes of breathtaking beauty.

Larimar guards within itself the essence of air and water. The water, linked with the heart’s emotions, and the air that governs the mind’ s sensibility. Larimar represents the perfect synthesis between thought and feeling. In the tranquility of its lustrous blue, it creates a link of peace between the heart and the mind. Negative thoughts produce turbulent sentiments.

Similarly, unbalanced emotions can obscure the mind’ s perception. But larimar is like a tranquilizer helping us to neutralize and dissolve the inner phantoms of conflict. We’re all travelers through the eternal dimensions of time and space, leading an existence of complete harmony whit nature.

We hope that a visit to our museum will remind you that our planet is at our disposition to admire and protect. Please help to conserve our living ecosystems and the beauty of the natural environment of our island, so that future generations –your children and their children – will continue to able to enjoy the charm of our Dominican treasures.

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